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Our ENGAGE module helps you achieve your asset and revenue targets by engaging the key stakeholders involved in growing income – namely your prospects, existing clients and advisors.

Your advisors are essential to your business growth. Disengaged advisors, lead to disengaged client relationships which will negatively impact your business.

Our ENGAGE module not only enhances your prospect conversion and client relationships, but also your advisor retention. However, ultimately it helps you deliver the business growth that you are targeting.

Our ENGAGE module provides you with the following:

  • Significant efficiencies around time and resources to combat the cost pressures that you face.
  • A robust data infrastructure that, uses data both from long standing clients and new ones, intelligently.
  • An integrated marketing dashboard to seamlessly orchestrate your marketing campaigns in one place, track their success and store prospect engagement data.
  • Distribute and track, tailored and well-matched ideas to your advisors and clients with our Product Campaign tool.
  • Enhanced prospect conversion and stronger client relationships through integrated outlook capabilities, live chat and secure messaging.
  • Intelligent matching system enables your prospects be matched to internal advisors through digital or intermediary channels, thus enhancing conversion rates.

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