Digital solutions for relationship managers
13 October, 2017

About the Event The second video of the series looks at the digital solutions available to relationship managers. As private banking…

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Technology as a client acquisition tool
11 October, 2017

About the Event With a $15tn transfer of wealth taking place from baby boomers to millennials, a new group of digital…

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Innovating in an evolving world
06 October, 2017

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Innovating in an evolving world
05 October, 2017

The private banking and wealth management industries have been notoriously slow to embrace digitisation. We look at the issues that have…

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Digitisation: life’s new certainty?
05 July, 2017

We have long been warned that there are two certainties in life – death and taxes. However, as the technological revolution…

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Collectivity is Key to Success in a Changing World
04 July, 2017

It is fair to say that change has become the norm within financial services today. The last few years have seen…

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GDPR- Everything you need to know
04 May, 2017

Are you ready for GDPR? Be prepared or pay the price…

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RegTech: Disrupting client engagement
30 March, 2017

Regtech is a now becoming an increasingly familiar concept within Financial Services, but like an ink blot, it is open to…

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Technology vs human: how far is too far?
15 March, 2017

The digitalisation of wealth management will continue and bring benefits to the sector. However the human element will not disappear in…

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The steps to enabling an Intermediary Management capability
14 December, 2016

For any firm in the Wealth and Investment Management industry that make their services available via intermediary partners, there is an…

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