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Our solution addresses the key industry challenges presented by the complex requirements of client lifecycle management, including:

  • Client acquisition
  • Onboarding
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Relationship management
  • Client servicing
  • Business intelligence
  • Client and advisor engagement

Leveraging Microsoft’s industry leading Dynamics 365 platform, our solution helps clients affect strategic digital transformation programs, assists them in better managing and servicing their clients as well as satisfying evolving regulatory requirements.

WDX1 comprises of 3 core modules that work great on their own and even better together.


A Client Lifecycle Management solution
to improve efficiency and save you time

Engage with WDX

Attract prospects, engage clients, assist advisors.

Deliver on your business growth targets with our innovative solutions for increasing prospect conversion, stimulating existing clients and engaging your advisor force.

  • Tailor conversations and recommendations with the powerful insights of our AI Persona Builder
  • Engage your clients digitally with relevant and actionable content
  • Distribute and track, tailored and well-matched product ideas to your advisors and clients with our Product Campaign tool
  • Empower Advisors with an online Knowledge Centre
  • Manage online and offline marketing strategies in one integrated dashboard

Onboard with WDX

Ensure compliance, enhance advisor productivity empower your clients

Provide a frictionless onboarding experience for your prospective clients. This will streamline workflows across departments to significantly reduce onboarding times and administrative costs.

  • Stimulate clients whilst building an unbiased persona with the award-winning gamified risk profiling tool
  • Enforce compliance best practice through process automation of KYC capture and intelligent AML risk scoring
  • Collaborate with your 3rd parties via the intermediary portal
  • Allow clients to update KYC and share documents digitally via the self-service portal
  • Support clients through the onboarding process using integrated chat and video conferencing

Manage with WDX

Drive efficiency, increase retention, grow AUM and tailor conversations.

Build and maintain insightful and responsive client relationships with a comprehensive view of your clients, whilst maintaining compliance standards and helping to foster more valuable relationships.

  • Manage households and family groups in one place with our 360 degree dashboards
  • Reduce administration burden, target AUM & provide actionable client insight with actionable AI-powered insights, talking points and next best suggestions
  • Enforce compliance best practice with our rule-based decision tree
  • Continuously monitor and update the suitability of advice
  • Enhance operational efficiency & deliver excellent service with our telephony integration and digital self-service portal


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Over 50% increase in time saved preparing for client meetings

25 times faster to onboard private clients

Over 80% increase in time saved managing client service requests

40% increase in staff satisfaction with client technology

25% less time spent on administrative tasks

50% less time preparing client communications