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Wealth Dynamix

How we work

Our Services

WDX has a refined delivery and embedding methodology that enables our projects to be implemented quickly and efficiently. Experienced financial services and CRM consultants work closely with your business stakeholders and technology teams to adapt the solution to your needs and integrate it into your wider enterprise architecture.


WDX Methodology

The WDX Execution Methodology cuts through the complexity of delivering sophisticated software into wealth and investment management firms.

Using an ‘adopt’ or ‘adapt’ approach to our projects, we can offer our clients the right sized and tailored approach to delivering the WDX software in their business.

Through continuous development and decades of experience, we have defined a solution that can be tailored to suit your business needs and requirements, no matter the size of your firm.

Our team of highly experienced and motivated consultants focus on ensuring the full value of your investment is realised.

Dedicated to meticulous project planning, excellent customer service and communication with our customers, our goal is to provide leading edge technology on a proven platform.

Our Principles

Demonstrate value by delivering incremental benefits to our clients

Avoid the common mistakes of CRM and digital transformation projects by tackling the big challenges early

A good system is built on a foundation of good data

Provide leadership and direction

Listen, learn and respond to direct feedback that our clients give

Be flexible, adaptable and work with your teams in your environment

Reduce the cost of giving advice

Our implementation options



Designed for clients who want the WDX solution to adapt to their specific requirements and complex infrastructure.

The client undertakes a project with WDX, which includes:

  • A highly configurable onboarding, client management, suitability, marketing & operations framework.
  • Can be tightly integrated into your enterprise IT architecture.
  • Delivered by a WDX project team, working closely with your technology group & business stakeholders to adapt the solution to your needs.
  • Installed either within your existing data centres, or hosted on secure Microsoft infrastructure.
  • A named account manager working with you to coordinate further work & implement our regular releases.


Designed for clients who want to adopt a best practice approach to front & middle office processes. WDX helps clients understand their regulatory obligations, processes and reporting requirements and provide a relative ‘plug and play’ system that is built around that understanding whilst delivering the maximum value from the native client management components. WDX typically deliver this in the cloud.

The client will receive:

  • A pre-configured onboarding, client management, suitability, marketing & operations solution at a fixed monthly fee.
  • Delivery model designed to get you up & running quickly & efficiently.
  • Secure hosting on Microsoft infrastructure with regional data centres.
  • Regular product improvements to adapt to industry & regulatory changes.

Ensure you stay compliant

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