Enrich every aspect of client experience to ensure acquisition, retention and profitability


How can operations teams ensure that your clients’ needs are fully satisfied, throughout their entire relationship with your firm, from their very first touchpoint?

Where do business operations fall short of expectations?

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Inconsistent client journeys

For any business the whole should be greater than the sum of its parts. All too often wealth managers do a great job of marketing and sales, but onward processes including onboarding and client service are painful, which impacts profits.

Inefficient operating models

In an industry fraught with manual processes, lack of digitisation and automation leads to high-cost inefficiency. Advisors spend more time on administration than advising clients, routine tasks take too long to complete and client experience is severely compromised.

Inattentive relationship management

Portfolio performance and relationship management are the factors that most impact client retention and value – not necessarily in that order. When advisors make recommendations that are not relevant or timely, clients lose trust and stop investing.

How Wealth Dynamix helps

Complete visibility of the client journey

With a 360-degree view of every client’s journey with your firm, including their sentiments and the impact on their client book, you can quickly identify gaps in systems and processes that will degrade client experience and reduce revenues over time.

A step-change in efficiency

By digitising processes, automating routine tasks and applying AI to generate intelligent insights you will remove friction, accelerate administrative processes, increase client self-service where it makes sense and empower advisors to spend more time on revenue-generating work.

Gain intelligence from data

By capturing, managing and analysing all client data digitally, and automatically aligning it with changes in market trends and client sentiment, advisors are alerted when action is required and can focus on creating next best recommendations that increase profitability for all.

Solving CLM challenges across teams and departments


  1. An award-winning CLM solution, purpose-built for wealth managers by WealthTech experts
  2. We pioneered the transformation of CLM processes with innovative applications of data modelling, predictive analytics and sentiment analysis
  3. Used by the world’s most successful wealth managers to achieve process efficiencies and return on investment spanning the entire client lifecycle, not only parts of it
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