Ensure seamless, fluid journeys throughout the client lifecycle to maximise client and advisor satisfaction


How can support teams eliminate friction from sales, onboarding and ongoing relationship management processes to avoid wasted time and frustration?

What prevents support from delivering seamless
systems and processes?

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Lack of automation

Manual processes are inherently labour-intensive, slow and error-prone. Without automation, many of the processes that clients and advisors have to pass through have too many steps, take too long to complete and involve excessive legwork.

Disparate data repositories

With data originating from a multitude of sources, entering the organisation via a wide variety of channels and stored in a large number of unconnected systems all requiring separate logins, any kind of analysis can be frustratingly difficult and long.

Legacy technology

Client requests for improved support are most frequently heard in relation to data capture and onboarding. In decades-old technology environments, lacking the agility to add new functionality or integrate with newer, more innovative solutions, honouring these requests can be slow and costly.

How Wealth Dynamix helps

Unified, golden source of data

When client data is maintained in a single repository, accessed via a single sign-on platform, relationship managers save vast amounts of time that would otherwise be spent searching multiple systems or asking colleagues for client information, and clients avoid duplicate data entry.

Efficient, automated processes

When routine administration processes are automated the client and advisor experience becomes faster, with less friction. Automated alerts can be set to help advisors prioritise tasks, so no actions are ever missed. For clients, automation results in a more satisfying and fluid journey.

Single client view

By providing a single view of all cases related to each client, and all open cases by relationship manager, advisors and business managers can spend more time proactively analysing next steps that will generate profitable outcomes for both clients and your firm.

Solving CLM challenges across teams and departments


  1. An award-winning CLM solution, purpose-built for wealth managers by WealthTech experts
  2. We pioneered the transformation of CLM processes with innovative applications of data modelling, predictive analytics and sentiment analysis
  3. Used by the world’s most successful wealth managers to achieve process efficiencies and return on investment spanning the entire client lifecycle, not only parts of it
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