hubbis report
Research Report: Empowering the Relationship Manager – Their Role in the Future of Wealth Management in Asia
29 May, 2020

Get the report for research and insights into how relationship managers must evolve to succeed amid increased competition and unprecedented change.

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Webinar: A compliant 360-degree view of your client
28 April, 2020

Register to discover how savvy wealth managers are transforming the compliance and lockdown disruption into an opportunity to strengthen client relationships and add value to their business.

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6 Ways to Transform First Interactions into Trusted Client Relationships
25 April, 2020

How can wealth managers up the ante in nurturing trusted client relationships and deliver impressive client service, from the very first engagement?

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Swiss WealthTech
Is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) the same thing?
20 April, 2020

Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) starts with strategy and business outcomes. If you take a technology approach – it won’t work.

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Webinar series: Spotlight on…
15 April, 2020

We talk to wealth management industry experts on addressing new revenue challenges, and what technologies can help embrace the new way of working.

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Are your Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) processes playing in sync?
08 April, 2020

Discover how wealth managers can orchestrate Client Lifecycle management, step by step, to create a productive, cost-effective and revenue generating process that enriches client experience.

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Technology cogs
Apply the right technology, at the right time, and in the right place
01 April, 2020

How can wealth managers connect mission-critical systems and processes to support client acquisition and ever-more sophisticated servicing requirements?

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Winning with CLM
Webinar: Winning with Client Lifecycle Management: Transforming your technology and teams
26 March, 2020

Discover how to orchestrate client lifecycle management to create a productive, cost-effective and revenue generating integrated solution that enriches the client experience.

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insightful data
Drive value from data by transforming noise into signals that you can act upon
11 March, 2020

In 2020, winning wealth managers will use data to develop more compelling campaigns and deliver more relevant, personalised services that drive AUM growth.

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Think Outside the Onboarding Box to Drive Value for Clients
14 February, 2020

In 2020, winning wealth managers will remove their onboarding blinkers and see CLM for what it is – an end-to-end process that must be addressed in entirety to remain competitive and drive value for clients.

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