Wealth managers are notoriously attached to paper. This hinders both their ease of doing business, leading to sub-optimal client experience, and their cost of compliance, which increases risk.

Despite significant investment in the digitisation of administrative processes, the crucial last step of signing an agreement has proven hard to tackle. Digital signature solutions offer the final link in the digital chain, ensuring a seamless, end-to-end digital client journey that is uninterrupted by printing, signing, scanning and mailing. Clients enjoy a frictionless experience that allows them to conduct business transactions anywhere, any time and from any device.

The benefits of digital signatures are many, however they are not always obvious or fully-understood.

Misconception #1
All documents must be signed with a ‘Qualified Electronic Signature’ to be legally valid

Misconception #2
Digital signature solutions are cumbersome and time-consuming to implement

Misconception #3
Paper and ink are free, technology is expensive

Join our webinar to learn the facts and discover whether digital signatures would work for you.


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