Never before has any world event triggered such a dramatic shift in working practices, as quickly and universally as the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.

Almost overnight, the entire global population of wealth managers, their colleagues and their clients became at-home remote workers. Wealth management firms who were already behind the curve on digital transformation, or had an inadequate business continuity plan, were overwhelmed by mission-critical operational and compliance difficulties.

The result? Ineffective communication, substandard client servicing and uncertain regulatory compliance. Despite these challenges many firms have experienced substantial cost savings, which senior executives are keen to perpetuate into the future, and so remote working looks set to remain permanently – in one form or another.

The prospect of remote working is fast changing from being a threat to an opportunity. Early indications are that wealth management, despite being a high-touch sector that thrives on personal service and face to face interactions, will follow suit.

Join us on a webinar to discover how technology is preserving client servicing quality, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance throughout the Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) process, and what 4 practical tips we suggest for working remotely.


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