Webinar: Leveraging data to build lifelong client relationships in wealth management

Webinar: Leveraging data to build lifelong client relationships in wealth management

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Every engagement with a client provides an array of information which can be used to improve relationships, open new revenue streams and increase lifetime value. A skilled relationship manager will naturally pick up on subtle nuances in one-to-one meetings which will affect the guidance they give, but how do wealth managers harness this information at scale to drive value and ensure good client outcomes?

“To increase efficiency in the front office, which accounts for more than 50% of costs, Wealth Managers must free up Relationship Manager capacity for revenue-generating activities by automating and digitising processes.” Oliver Wyman Global Wealth Managers Report, 2019

From the immediate short term through to the years ahead, savvy wealth managers are identifying opportunities to leverage data and automate tasks to free up time. Getting this right depends on a combination the right technology to collect and analyse data and empowering staff with the right tools so they can take full advantage.

Join industry experts from Wealth Dynamix and Recordsure on a webinar to discover:

-How to use client data to improve recommendations, client service and new revenue opportunities
-Why it is important to segment audiences to expose insights such as client sentiment, interests and investment choices
-How to separate the signals from the noise, and draw actionable insights from data

If you are a Chief Compliance Officer, Head of Client Service, Head of Relationship Management, or a Head of CRM/Onboarding/KYC, download the webinar now to discover how innovative wealth managers are leveraging data to build lifelong client relationships.

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