Getting Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) right can be challenging… but it doesn’t have to be.

Your current systems and processes are like musical instruments. When each instrument plays its tune, in time and on key, it sounds great. But like your client lifecycle, a complete symphony of instruments playing beautifully together is the greater than the sum of its parts. This only happens when instruments come together and are organised and managed by a conductor.

The prospect of integrating all elements of the CLM process – from initial engagement through sales and marketing to onboarding, ongoing client servicing and regulatory compliance – can seem daunting. But you can integrate these elements step-by-step, with a long-term vision of combining them into a unified whole.

Discover how to orchestrate CLM, one team, one process, one service at a time, to create a productive, cost-effective and revenue generating integrated solution that enriches the client experience.

Join our 30-minute webinar on May 13, 2020 to learn:

  • Gains and savings: The significant business values of end-to-end CLM process automation
  • The CLM beginning and end: The importance of addressing each phase effectively, individually and as a whole
  • Step by step: How to implement CLM in quicker and easier to deploy projects
  • Use what you’ve already got: How to orchestrate CLM into a unified process, when you already have multiple systems in place

If you are a Chief Operations Officer, Head of Client Service, Head of Relationship Management, or a Head of CRM/Onboarding/KYC at a wealth management firm or private bank, register now to discover how an effective client lifecycle management strategy reduces costs, creates efficiencies and enables your firm to deliver the best client experience.

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