April 28, 2020

Compliance teams within wealth management firms have to deal with, on average, 220 regulatory alerts a day according to the 2019 Thomson Reuters Cost of Compliance report. A growing burden of regulatory pressure but a necessarily evil for wealth managers to protect both their clients and industry reputation.

And that regulatory pressure is felt throughout the wealth management firm with advisors often reporting that one day per week is spent on compliance tasks. That’s one day a week of their valuable time which would otherwise be spent enriching client relationships and drawing in new business.

Adhering to regulations, maintaining accurate client records and ensuring robust control measures are in place is an ongoing challenge for any financial institution. But this is never more true than in the current climate where remote-working has reshaped the traditional advisor-client communication landscape.

How are savvy wealth managers transforming the compliance and lockdown disruption into an opportunity to strengthen client relationships and add commercial value to the business?

Join industry experts from Wealth Dynamix and Recordsure on a webinar to discover:

– The potential compliance challenges exposed by the Coronavirus situation and how wealth managers can reduce risk

– The practical measures firms are putting in place to gain a 360-degree view of their clients

– How wealth managers are leveraging data captured for compliance to generate additional commercial value

If you are a Chief Compliance Officer, Head of Client Service, Head of Relationship Management, or a Head of CRM/Onboarding/KYC, register now to learn more about the benefits of a compliant 360-degree view of your clients.



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