Client Onboarding

Cut complexity, shorten onboarding, improve client experience and ensure regulatory compliance


How can wealth managers cut time, cost and risk out of the client onboarding process?

Client onboarding is a cumbersome process often involving fifty or more steps. Complex manual processes and compliance obligations can make onboarding lengthy and tedious, which frustrates both clients and relationship managers.

Vast increases in regulation have made it difficult for wealth managers to evolve decades-old systems and processes without deploying large-scale projects.

Managing workload, prioritising onboarding cases and tracking against SLAs when there is no single view of caseloads across the business can prove especially challenging. Onboarding teams spend more time pushing paper, conferring with colleagues, tracing documents and recording interactions than they do focusing on proactive risk assessments.

For clients, onboarding is their first exposure to your service. Delays, duplication and confusing communications create a poor first impression that may leave them wondering if they made the right choice.

Client onboarding wealth managers


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