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Manage more clients, in a proactive and profitable way


How can relationship managers gain a 360-degree client view, timely insights and more time to achieve profitable outcomes for all?

What prevents relationship managers from being more productive?

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Too much administration

Manual processes involve a multitude of tasks that take time to complete, are repetitive and often duplicated. Time wasted on manual administration could be better spent engaging prospects, serving clients more attentively or formulating next best recommendations.

Poor access to information

There is no shortage of data, but when it is spread far and wide across a number of systems and departments, and collaboration is limited, determining which products to recommend to new and existing clients takes time and lacks accuracy.

Insufficient visibility of the client

When client activity is recorded in numerous unconnected systems, each with separate logins, gaining a single client view is challenging. Not knowing when to make contact, or with what kind of advice, leads to missed opportunities to grow revenues.

How Wealth Dynamix helps

360-visibility of every client account

Gain access to a single, consolidated view of every client’s journey, and their entire client book, from prospecting and onboarding through to ongoing client management.

Never miss an action

Save time, maintain focus and boost client service with automated alerts of priority tasks. Know which actions to focus on first, to ensure you provide the right level of service, at the right time.

Know what to recommend and when

Intelligent automation suggests next best recommendations based on your clients’ preferences, goals and real-time analysis of sentiments. You can make data-driven decisions so the advice you offer is both relevant and timely.

Relationship management | wealth management



  1. An award-winning CLM solution, purpose-built for wealth managers by WealthTech experts
  2. We pioneered the transformation of CLM processes with innovative applications of data modelling, predictive analytics and sentiment analysis
  3. Used by the world’s most successful wealth managers to achieve process efficiencies and return on investment spanning the entire client lifecycle, not only parts of it
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