Webinar: 3 reasons wealth managers fail to get onboarding projects right

It may be one of financial services’ most established sectors, but time rarely stands still in wealth management. With a third of clients reportedly switching providers or moving their assets over the last three years, and a further one in three expecting to follow suit, the pressure is on for market players to deliver an optimum service at every turn.

But onboarding continues to be a notorious pain point for clients and advisors alike. Industry players may be well aware of the importance of the early stages of a wealth management or private banking relationship, but processes are all-too-often complex, labour intensive and expensive. Add to this the widespread migration of clients and advisors online at the hand of the pandemic, and there’s nowhere for firms who can’t sharpen and speed up early client engagement to hide.

Get onboarding right, however, and there’s everything to play for in this fast-moving and fragmented industry. In our latest webinar, Wealth Dynamix and Chappuis Halder will join forces to explore the industry advances and expertise that could well unlock the onboarding maze and make your implementation a success.

The webinar will explore three common oversights that stand in the way of a smooth and seamless onboarding implementation:

Lack of strategic mapping in the onboarding journey

 Too many firms take a ‘sticking plaster’ approach by remodeling unfit processes and bolting on technology in a bid to make these work.

Siloed approach to innovation

All too often, advances in wealth management are driven by IT rather than the wider business. This can lead to a blinkered approach and a missed opportunity to transform the advisor and client experience.

Choosing the wrong system

It may be tempting to mould legacy systems for modern-day needs. But as many firms have found to their cost, back office systems were not built to handle complex, lengthy onboarding processes, or the documentation and tick boxes they need to comply.

Our panel will examine how market players can circumnavigate these challenges with efficient and effective processes that reduce costs, onboarding times and improve the end client experience.


  • Thomas Vigneron, Senior Manager, Digital Transformation and Customer Experience, Chappuis Halder
  • Benjamin Esmilaire, Management Consultant, Chappuis Halder
  • Antony Bream, MD – EMEA & Americas, Wealth Dynamix
  • Lucy Heavens, Marketing Director, Wealth Dynamix (moderator)



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