Video: How WealthTech is Supporting Wealth Management Trends

Welcome to the second video in a new series of interviews with Antony Bream, MD – UK and Americas at Wealth Dynamix by our friends at Wealth Mosaic.

In this edition Antony provides his views on

  • How Wealth Dynamix is supporting current trends in the wealth management industry
  • How Wealth Dynamix integrates with other wealth management technologies

Video transcript

How is Wealth Dynamix supporting current trends in the wealth management industry?

Here at Wealth Dynamix we provide client lifecycle management. We’ve simplified our products into three core modules.

• Engage – so for sales prospecting
• Onboard – for onboarding clients
• Manage – the overall management of that client from a 360-degree view cockpit or dashboard that gives you that visibility of that client.

And the really important thing about that data is it has to be in context. So I might be a Compliance Officer. I could be a Head of Operations. I could be a Front Office Advisor. I want to get the information that’s relevant to me and my client in that particular circumstance. So it’s got to be in context. It’s got to have a meaning and it’s got to give insights.

How is Wealth Dynamix integrating with other wealth management technologies?

We provide three core modules that really fulfil the whole client lifecycle management end to end product mix, but we also add in value add. So we can plug in technology from partners. We’ve got digital signature technology. We’ve got biometric authentication technology for ID&V but also we can look at things like sentiment analysis. How do I detect how happy or unhappy my clients are, looking at what they’re saying through social media, through LinkedIn, through web chat forms, WhatsApp, even on my own website? Am I detecting an increase in sentiment or am I detecting a decrease? If there’s a decrease in sentiment, how do I use that data to give my advisors, my relationship managers, the tools they need to proactively go back out there and start to improve that situation so they’re not putting their client at risk, or their investment with that client at risk?


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