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As governments around the world endeavor to protect the economy from COVID-19, financial institutions and technology providers are facing substantial operational restrictions as well as a rapidly deteriorating business climate, and they are desperately looking for a ray of light.

In this new series of webinars, we talk to our network of partners and friends from the wealth management industry on topics like how to address new revenue challenges, and what technologies can help wealth managers embrace the new way of working.

Join us for one, two or (hopefully) all of them for an insightful 20-minute fireside chat with industry experts.


28 April 2020

Spotlight on… Dreamquark

Watch the replay here


1 May 2020

Spotlight on… Alpha FMC

Watch the replay here


5 May 2020

Spotlight on… Synpulse (UK)

Watch the replay here


15 May 2020

Spotlight on… Synpulse (USA)

Watch the replay


18 May 2020

Spotlight on… Capita Consulting

Watch the replay


20 May 2020

Spotlight on… Microsoft

Watch the replay


22 May 2020

Spotlight on… ClickDimensions

Watch the replay


27 May 2020

Spotlight on… Azqore

Watch the replay


29 May 2020

Spotlight on… Ortec Finance

Watch the replay


2 June 2020

Spotlight on… Indigita

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9 June 2020

Spotlight on… Apiax

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